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Alyce Kils trailer hits 320,00 views on YouTubeAlyceKills-320K

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One would expect to see the broken, bloody aftermath on the ground but Lee refreshingly leaves this to our imagination and instead focuses on the beginning of Alice’s descent into madness. Dornfeld does a great job of coming apart at the seams slowly. We watch as she begins to hallucinate (or is she being haunted?) ghostly visions of Carroll in the shadows of her room. The daylight brings no relief when Carroll, so far a silent figure, grabs Alyce to demand “who’s in control now, bitch!” Already drowning in her guilt, Alyce visits Rex, losing even more control as she trades her body for more drugs.




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Alyce Kills often suggests a blunt, trashy fusion of Repulsion and Bartleby, the Scrivener. In the tradition of many quasi-feminist horror films, it follows a woman as she gradually withdraws from society’s demeaning hypocrisies and catcalls, eventually going mad and raising holy hell. The first few scenes immediately establish that not all is well with Alyce (Jade Dornfeld), who lives in a dingy, eternally dark, cracker-box apartment while working a thankless cubicle job plugging hedge-fund numbers into spreadsheets for what’s, in all likelihood, a dispiritedly vast and impersonal corporation. Alyce compensates for this anonymity with a sense of entitlement that’s commonplace in smart, not terribly ambitious, young people who find themselves voluntarily imprisoned in drone work: She regards a superior, Danielle (Rena Owen), with smug disdain, and zones out with her phone, often hung over, whenever she’s left to her own devices.

Alyce Trailer passes 50,000 views on You Tube

Check out the trailer on You Tube

 Alyce Trailer on YouTube

Alyce is Generating Strong Buzz

Jade Dornfeld & Tamara FelmanThe upcoming feature from Writer-Director, Jay Lee, is generating strong interest and is headed to Cannes. The story features compelling performances from the lead actresses, Jade Dornfeld and Tamara Feldman. (pictured)

Dread Central has Exclusive Stills from the Movie

The Horror Movie site, Dread Central, has exclusive stills from the movie.

During the Dread Central’s Indie Horror Month interview with Midnight Son star Zak Kilberg, they learned about Alyce, the upcoming ultra-gritty psychological thriller from the delightfully demented mind of writer/director Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers, The Slaughter).

Alyce stars Tamara Feldman (Hatchet, Gossip Girl), James Duval (Donnie Darko, Doom Generation), Eddie Rouse (Pandorum, Undertow), Larry Cedar (The Crazies), Yorgo Constantine (Fast Five), Megan Gallagher (“Millenium”) Rena Owen (Once Were Warriors), Tracey Walter (Repo Man, Batman), Bret Roberts (May, Nightstalker) and  Jade Dornfeld as the titular character Alyce.

Unit Photography is Posted

There were many excellent shots captured by Scott B. Shepard, Makena Shepard, Christian Andre’ Schnyder and others. Here are just a few

Teaser Poster is Leaked and Reviewed

Ken Bergman and his “Box of Horror” movie blog have nice things to say about the Teaser poster.

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